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Allison Ng


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Allison is a high school senior. She worked as the English Director of AYE for over two years before becoming president, and has taught essay-writing as well as digital design courses. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to K-pop music and learning new languages.

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Ryan Ma

Vice President

Ryan is a high school senior. Along with teaching, Ryan's other hobbies include playing badminton, exercising, and traveling. During his free time, he likes listening to pop music and reading random posts on Reddit.

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Eric Yu


Eric is a high school sophomore. He enjoys computer science and reading. He is enthusiastic about teaching and working on his leadership skills.

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Matthew Wang


Matthew is a high school senior. He teaches math, ranging from algebra 1 to precalculus. During his free time, he likes to play volleyball and work out at the gym.

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